If your a manager or business owner, stress comes with the job. You will experience times of stress, late nights and pressure that your employees are simply not able to comprehend. These times usually pass but its how you handle yourself in front of your employees that can be dangerous to the performance of your business.

Handle yourself well and avoid passing your stresses onto your employees and they will respect you and also learn a great deal about how to handle pressure in the workplace. Your business will benefit from it. On the other hand, handle these stresses poorly and become unnecessarily short, agitated and moody and you will find this energy will flow down through your employees and harm operations.

Here are some tips to survive the storm:

1. Be Self Aware.
The most important thing it to develop the personal skills to become aware when you are under pressure. If you feel the pressures mounting up, stop, notice its impact on your behaviour and be conscious in doing your best to keep it under wraps in front of your employees.

2. Direct Your Stress in the Right Direction.
Sometimes, well actually often, the stress may be related to one or some of your employees. Poor employee performance, procedures not being followed etc are often the root cause. However, rather than take your annoyance on the collective staff base, focus clearly on the individuals who are not performing and address firmly with them. To the vast majority who are doing their job well, make an effort to put on a bright face and be happy and friendly as per normal.

3. Take Time.
When stress is on, especially when you are a leader, the most productive and fairest thing you can do it take time away from the business to quietly reflect on the cause of the stress and how you wish to handle it. Then, when you walk back into the business you can calmly walk back in and handle things without risk of emotions bubbling over.

4. Smile.
Sounds simple but just getting yourself in the right headspace by having a laugh and a joke with your staff will keep them calm and also help you be relaxed to work through the issues at hand.

Leadership stress in business is a fact of life and we are all human. It will happen and you cannot always control this emotion. However you do have a choice in not taking this pressure out on your employees unnecessarily.

Zen to you all.

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