RosterElf is excited to announce our latest in a series of cool new features....COPY LAST WEEK!

In addition to the ability to save roster templates, you can now simply copy any previously published rostered to a new a second!

But as we know, just because Steve was available to work last week doesn't mean he will be available next week. We take this stress away too!

The moment you copy a roster, it will be saved as a draft and RosterElf will do a quick check to confirm that all the employees copied are still available to work the same shifts in the new week.

If any of your employees' availability to work information does not match this new roster, a yellow warning bar will appear at the top of the screen and impacted shifts will be highlighted in yellow as per the example below.

Simply replace the handful of employees that cannot work at a click of a button with those that are available and publish!

To find out more about how RosterElf's new copy last week feature works, click HERE