Team Holiday is a multi-award winning holiday program provider for children and teens across Melbourne and greater Victoria.

The company provides full-day activities to over 35,000 children aged 5-15 every year with programs perfect for working families or for kids who are just looking for fun activities to do during their holiday break.

Team Holiday's HR and Business Development Manager Tim Arnold sums up his RosterElf experience with, "RosterElf has developed a rostering system that is spot on!"

"We have been using RosterElf to handle rostering Team Holiday's 250+ and growing casual workforce for some time. We love being able to view employees photos to put a faces to names as well as the fact we can easily see their availability to work live and action any requests they have easily through RosterElf's exceptional app."

"We are so incredibly grateful for the service and expertise the RosterElf team has and continues to provide. Furthermore, their keenness to adapt the system to suit our needs has been terrific. Thanks RosterElf! "

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