Smart Rostering
RosterElf makes the process of creating employee rosters effortless. Our beautiful sliding bar technology enables you to visually adjust shifts times to meet your budget as well as save multiple templates for future use to save time. Choose from available staff quickly and publish at a click.

Are some days of your weekly roster indentical? With RosterElf’s drag-and-drop, you can simply copy all your positions and staff from one day to another. Too easy.
Perfect Match System
RosterElf's clever algorithms will do all the thinking for you. Simply select a position on the roster than needs filling and "Perfect Matches" will be displayed. These are employees who can do the role and have indicated they are available. Simply select the best employee for the roles based on statistics provided.
Budget and Save Money
RosterElf's clever budgeting tool will ensure you save not only time but money! Simply set your daily sales target and as you add employees to the roster, RosterElf will calculate hours, cost, average pay-rate and even labour percentage live. RosterElf even includes pay rule loadings in the calculations. Our budgeting tool is both simple and powerful.
Simply mount a iPad or Android tablet in your business and employees can clock in and out of each shift. Employees are required to leave comments if they are working outside of rostered times and RosterElf's will prompt them to take a picture as proof of attendance. Clock-in-out is also available for PC if you don't have a tablet.
Payroll Integration
Process staff payroll in minutes! With RosterElf payroll, you can compare rostered to clock-in-out times, view staff comments and also photo proof. Simply edit the information to reflect hours you wish to pay and send to your accounting software to process with a full PDF record in your inbox.

RosterElf's payroll system offers full integration with popular accounting software MYOB and Xero as well as a RosterElf CSV format if you use another accounting software. Simply review rostered hours vs actual hours and send straight to your accounting provider to process pays.
Go Mobile
With RosterElf’s range of iPhone, iPad and Android apps, you and your employees can manage rosters on the go. From simple availability changes to complex shift swaps, RosterElf enables you to do it all from your pocket.

Our free app is available for both Android and Apple iOS. However even if your employees don’t have smartphones, our SMS and email notifications will do the job.
Shift Swaps
Forget about shift swaps nightmares. RosterElf handles shift swaps with ease. If an employee requests a shift swap, RosterElf will find a replacement, ask managers to approve or deny, update the roster and notify all impacted employees of the outcome. Simple.

Always the most qualified replacement. Everytime a staff request a shift swap, RosterElf algorithm will find the most qualified staff to be the replacement and will notify all of them about the new available shift.
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